Pipette Tip Refill Process

A typical bioscience laboratory unnecessarily discards tens of thousands of pipette tip boxes each year. Increasingly, these laboratories are switching to local refilling services to reduce their environmental impact

Switching to a local refill service allows laboratories to significantly reduce their waste to landfill and supply chain carbon emissions while also ensuring the security of supply.

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Reduce Plastic Waste and Ensure Supply Security

CO2 Reductions Achieved by using a Pipette Tip Refilling Service

A typical laboratory purchases filter tips and non-filter tips in fully racked boxes from the manufacturer, once the tips are used up, the boxes are discarded or recycled.

By using a local pipette tip refilling service, laboratories can significantly reduce the environmental impacts of shipping the plastic weight associated with these boxes.

A typical bioscience laboratory can save over 4tonnes CO2 by switching to a pipette tip refill service

Plastic Waste Reductions Achieved by Pipette Tip Refilling

Tip boxes from filter, non-filter and automated tip usage contribute more plastic waste than the tips themselves and they are often unnecessarily discarded or recycled following use. By using a local tip refilling service, these boxes can be refilled and reused dozens of times to reduce the environmental impact of laboratory activities.

See how this cost-effective solution can support the environmental impact targets of your laboratory by using the Environmental Impact Estimator, or get in touch and we can take you through the process.

A typical laboratory can save 1,300kg plastic waste by switching to a pipette tip refill service

Supply Chain Stability Achieved by Pipette Tip Refilling

A local pipette tip refilling service can stabilise the supply of pipette tips to your laboratory. With stocks of filled, QC'd pipette tips boxes held locally and quickly dispatched, there is no longer any need to order and hold large stocks of tip boxes. Additionally, with significantly lower shipping costs when compared to disposable, pre-filled boxes, costs are less affected by shipping rates meaning more stable, predictable pricing.

Schedule a free consultation to see if a custom solution is right for your laboratory

Schedule a free consultation to see if a custom solution is right for your laboratory

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Case Studies

Streamlined Workflow for a Global Leader in Animal Genetics

Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), a world leader in pasture-based dairy cattle genetics based in Hamilton, New Zealand, process over 1.5 million samples per year through their laboratories. The LIC Genemark team engaged Azora Biosciences to develop a custom DNA extraction kit to improve operational efficiency, manage their environmental footprint and reduce the total operational costs. The resulting custom kit provided benefits including 260 hours of labour savings per year through efficiency gains, 565kg of plastic waste savings and significantly reduced operational costs.

To learn more about the custom kit development process, and the journey with LIC, please get in touch to request a copy of the case study.

Streamlined Workflow for a Global Leader in Animal Genetics

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