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We are a bioscience company developing innovative bioscience products for the scientific community. With a laser-focus on New Zealand industry needs, local manufacture and first-class customer service, we strive to be a positive contributor and collaborator in New Zealand scientific community.

We will achieve this by partnering with New Zealand’s innovators and creative thinkers to bring ideas to life and advance the local scientific sector. Whether it be commercial laboratory testing, research and development, in-field testing or diagnostics, our doors are open for collaboration and partnerships.

Collaborators & Partners

If you have an idea needing R&D, a problem that needs solving, or intellectual property that could be commercialised, please get in touch.


We have secured pre-seed funding and will be looking to bring on new investors this year. If you would like to chat about potential investment opportunities,​ please get in touch.


We are on the lookout for talented team members. If you think you can bring ideas and expertise to the team we would love to hear from you.



Mark Jones

Mark Jones

General Manager - Commercial, Research and Development

Mark has a background in molecular biology and PCR platform development and has a BSc.(Hons) degree in Biomolecular Sciences from Liverpool JMU. After leading a team at a UK start-up (LGC Genomics) developing and operating a high-throughput, DNA extraction and PCR platform, he established a molecular biology lab at Alcontrol UK which provided market-leading meat speciation services during the horsemeat crisis. Mark came to New Zealand in 2014 where he worked as Market Sector Manager at Hill Laboratories before founding Azora Biosciences in 2020.

Dr. Eilidh Mowat

General manager - Operations, Quality and Compliance

Eilidh is regarded as a trusted expert in molecular biology. Having gained a PhD in Molecular Microbiology at Glasgow Caledonian University, she has held several post-doctoral research positions both in the UK and with New Zealand Crown Research Institutes. For the last nine years, Eilidh has held a dual role at Hill Laboratories, as Molecular Biology operations manager and technical lead. Most recently, Eilidh led the development of Hills’ COVID testing programme.

Eilidh brings a wealth of technical and operational experience to Azora and is focussed on new product development, and upscaling the production capacity to meet demand while ensuring the highest levels of quality.

Faith Plummer

Faith Plummer

Development Scientist

Faith brings to the team a mix of R&D and commercial experience having worked in both clinical research and diagnostics in the primary industry. She brings an eye for detail and a passion for innovation, development, and process improvement. She gained a first-class honours degree in Biotechnology from Victoria University.

As a Development Scientist, Faith executes all aspects of product development from engaging with end users, running development projects, validating performance, and working with the production team to ensure consistent product quality.

Bart Challis

Bart Challis

Advisory Board Memeber

Bart is Chief Operating Officer at Scion, Crown Research Institute. Originally growing up in Rotorua, Bart completed a genetics-related Ph.D. at the University of Otago before spending 16 years working internationally in Western Europe, North America and Asia. During this time Bart worked in the Biotechnology/Life Sciences industry performing various management and executive roles for multi-nationals QBioGene, Invitrogen Inc and ActiveMotif Inc.

Terry Cooney

Terry Cooney

Advisory Board Member

Terry is the co-founder of Analytica Laboratories in New Zealand, a business that has revolutionised testing across a diverse range of sectors, particularly the honey, dairy, drug and environmental sectors. Analytica was acquired by ASX-listed HRL holdings in 2017.Before founding Analytica, Terry was a key part of the early Hill Laboratories team. With Terry’s experience leveraging innovation to rapidly grow technology businesses, he is a great fit for our advisory board.

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