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Azora Biosciences develops and manufactures high-performance products at our Hamilton, New Zealand facility. Our product range is continually expanding as we grow, and our client’s needs evolve.

Customised Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

For high-throughput laboratories, an extraction kit custom-made for your specific requirements can address many of the problems experienced with off-the-shelf kits.

Our affordable custom kits can provide:

  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Better Quality DNA and RNA Outputs
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
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Pipette Tip Refill Process

The average bioscience laboratory unnecessarily discards tens of thousands of pipette tip boxes each year. Increasingly, these laboratories are switching to local refilling services to reduce thier environmental impact

Switching to a local refill service allows laboratories to significantly reduce their waste to landfill and supply chain carbon and ensure security of supply.

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Sample Preparation

Azora Biosciences has a range of pre-filled bead beating tubes available for all sample preparation applications. We can customise the bead size, tube size and sterility level based on your needs.

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